Beacon Hopes for 2021 Donations from 300 Andover Households

Will generous matching funds do the trick?

By Charlie Darling

The Andover Beacon’s value to the community depends critically on being in all the mailboxes around town, all year ’round.

– Our local non-profits depend on us to spread news of their activities, their accomplishments, and their needs.

– Our town government and schools depend on us for an efficient, highly-visible way to keep residents informed of important changes, goals, and plans.

– And each of us depends on the Beacon to show us that we live not just in a town, but in a community.

To live up to that huge responsibility, the Beacon has to ask the community every year for significant financial support. This year we’re hoping for donations from at least 300 of the 1,000+ Andover households that receive the Beacon all year ’round.

One Campaign, Two Matches

For households that have never donated to the Beacon before, generous community members have pledged up to $2,200 to match dollar-for-dollar every first-time donation.

For households that have donated before and can increase their donation to the Beacon this year, community members have pledged another $2,200 to match however much of an increase these households can send.

The Beacon is very grateful for the supporters who have pledged these matching dollars, but we have to earn those dollars by encouraging new or increased donations before the end of the year. That’s where you come in!

Help Us Earn the Full Matches

If you recently received a letter as part of our “All Over Town, All Year ‘Round,” then you know the drill — please use the reply envelope to send your 2021 donation as soon as you can.

If you’ve already sent a donation to the Beacon this year, thank you! Your support is vital and very meaningful and will definitely be matched per the conditions above. Again, thank you!

And if you haven’t donated and haven’t heard from us yet this year, please use the form on page four of this issue to send your 2021 donation and take advantage of the special matching funds explained above. Every household that donates to the Beacon for the first time ever makes a really big difference!

Please take advantage of these important matching funds before the end of the year. It would be a shame to let any of those pledged dollars disappear because we couldn’t raise the required match.

Whatever you can do to support the Beacon is very meaningful and very much appreciated by the whole community.