Warm Weather Presents Outdoor Opportunities for EAVP

Registration spots still available

By Stephanie D'Amour
On our walk down the Rail Trail we came across a snapping turtle making its way back to the pond. We gave the turtle its space but observed him as he lay still, giving us time to examine him. Top: Gunner and Callister; back: Lauralei, Jolene, Briar, Avery. Caption and photo: Stephanie D’ Amour


Registration spots are available for the ’21/’22 school year with full day and half day options. E-mail EAVP@nulltds.net for information.

This month we want to send a big thank you to a group of students from Proctor Academy and an alumni parent for coming to spruce up our playground for Earth Day! The students worked hard on a rainy day to enlarge and replace our garden beds, rake leaves, pull weeds, and build us a new mud kitchen. We are so thankful for their community service and making our playground shine!

Also, for Earth Day our preschoolers spent the morning on the Rail Trail picking up trash. We spent a lot of time that week learning about all the ways we can help our Earth and make it a better and cleaner place.

This month we also had special community members visit our school. Officer Julie Bisson from the Andover Police Department, who also happens to be an EAVP parent, came for a visit with a cruiser, and we learned all about how officers keep our town safe. We got to see all the items on her belt and check out inside the police car. 


We also had a visit from Sergeant Joe Guerriero and K-9 Falco from the Franklin Police Department. They came for a demonstration of the important jobs that Falco does and the teamwork it takes day to day.

Now that the weather is warmer, we have been spending lots of time outside and utilizing the nature around our school. The Rail Trail and the woods behind the school is a giant, open-ended learning laboratory for us to become scientists. It provides experiences for sights, sounds, scents, and textures of the outdoors. 


Outdoor play fosters children’s intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development with countless opportunities for discovery, creativity, and problem solving.