Research Project Teaches Second Graders Many Skills

The theme was “Favorite Animals”

By Gretchen Hildebrand and Amanda Lauster
Raegan Martz stands in front of her slideshow presentation, in which AE/MS second graders chose an animal to learn about and present to the class. Photo: Amanda Lauster

AE/MS second graders recently finished a research project creating slideshows of animals they wanted to learn more about. It was a challenging endeavor, and we want to share how it went.

We had fun hearing from the students the reasons they had for choosing their animals.  The reasons were very interesting:  

“Because it is my dream animal.” 

“Because they are so cute.” 

“Because I hunt them.” 

“Because I didn’t know anything about that animal.” 

While everyone was researching, we noticed that some students read a lot to get information.  Others looked at videos and photographs to get information.  As they found interesting information, everyone did their best to write the notes in their own words.  This is a very important skill, and second graders crushed it!

When it was time to create the slideshows, we were surprised at how the students showed they could navigate their Chromebooks — to type, change font and size, pick and insert photographs, make beautiful backgrounds, and practice their presentation over and over.

The most amazing part of this project for us, as instructors, was witnessing each child stand in front of their peers, speak and read clearly, and field lots of questions.

Congratulations on a job well done, kiddos!  Wanna do it again?