Sunapee Region Arts Atlas is Coming This Summer

Includes illustrated paper map

Press release

The Lake Sunapee Region Chamber has been working, as part of the Arts and Business Alliance, in partnership with the Center for the Arts, Lake Sunapee Region and the Library Arts Center to promote the tremendous number of artistic and cultural assets in our region, with the creation of the Sunapee Region Arts Atlas

The Sunapee Region Arts Atlas defines our region and connects it through the arts. It will include a locally illustrated paper map, widely distributed this summer, and an incredible interactive website (launching this coming winter) that will not only layer the region’s arts and culture but also highlight restaurants, lodging, trails, shops, events and all the things that make our small towns special to visit, and call home.  

Please take a moment to learn more about this massive undertaking at

This is a really exciting time for us to define our region, often overshadowed by the already defined larger regions on our borders. There is always so much going on in our little towns. 

We have now launched a crowdfunding campaign with Vital Communities and The Local Crowd to help us make this project possible. The overall project will cost $30,000, but the great news is that we are over half way there already. We will be sharing about this over the next month.

Please consider helping us with this campaign, either by supporting it financially, or by helping as ambassadors by sharing information about this project with your circles as we post it over the next month.  

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