Report From Concord – Natalie Wells

By Natalie Wells

Here are some recent bills passed to share with you.

SB-89  “relative to the effect of certain federal laws on New Hampshire election procedures.”  If the United States Congress passes HR1 or S1, which would have control over all state elections, here in New Hampshire the federal government cannot touch our state or local elections.  It could only affect our New Hampshire federal elections.  It goes against our New Hampshire Constitution. For me to place a vote in the affirmative for this bill to stop an assault on our New Hampshire sovereignty was a proud moment.

HB69 “relative to the authority of schools to display the national and state mottos.” To be clear, our national motto of “In God We Trust” and our state motto of “Live Free or Die” are words taken seriously. I was totally offended when a Democrat spoke up against this bill. I’ll just leave it as his language was offensive to me as a Christian and one who knows freedom does not come free.  I was proud to vote yes.

HB183 “exempting persons under the age of 14 selling soft drinks.” Finally, an almost totally bipartisan bill. It means these youngsters can sell lemonade! (352:6)

I’m thankful restrictions have been lifted on masks and mandates, but families are still being met with barriers to see their loved ones in nursing homes. Parents and students faced difficult times during COVID, but the elderly in nursing homes, and families, dealt with isolation and depression. 

We passed HB220, which says no person may be compelled to receive an Immunization for COVID in order to access any public facility. This includes schools. They cannot discriminate between a child that has been vaccinated and those that are not by mandating only certain ones must wear a mask. The Senate added language to include state nursing homes or any facility-provider operated by the state of New Hampshire.

This Fourth of July, in protecting our freedoms, when from “within” we are being attacked, stand strong and proud. We live in the greatest land of the free … because of the brave.

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