Cemetery Committee Asks Visitors to Drive with Care

Markers help keep cars off graves

By Andover Cemetery Trustees
Fences, and other markers, on the edge of roadways in Andovers’ cemeteries are meant to keep cars on the roads and off of actual burial sites onto which roads have encroached. Photo: Cheryl Swenson

Over the years as people have driven through the cemeteries, there has been a natural tendency to hug the side of the roadway and cut the corners at the curves. There is not much of a shoulder between the road and the grave plots. The roadways are narrow, and cars are drifting toward the edges and widening the road in spots.  

In fact, it has been noted that parts of the roads are now actually going over the corners and borders of several family burial sites. Yikes!

We are identifying problem areas at both Proctor and Lakeview Cemeteries. The Cemetery Committee is experimenting with ways to define the borders and keep cars from encroaching on the burial sites. Bear with us as we put some stakes in the ground and try some fencing at a couple of the corners. 

So if you are driving through Proctor Cemetery and wonder why the heck there is a fence in the road, remember that the fence is there to keep the road off the actual burial site. Your cars are being redirected. 

There are a few stakes at Lakeview Cemetery as reminders as well.  We appreciate your help in protecting and respecting the final resting place of our community’s family and friends.

Thank you from your Cemetery Trustees: Bill Keyser, Beth Frost, Jim Reed, and Cheryl Swenson.