Transfer Station Urges Patrons to Read the Signs

If you still have questions, just ask

By Andover Transfer Station Staff

The staff at your Transfer Station is always trying to make dropping off your trash and recyclables easy, efficient, and safe for all concerned. That means we have to change things from time to time, particularly in response to changes imposed on us by the contractors who ultimately haul away the trash and recyclables.

For that reason, we strongly encourage you, each time you visit, to read carefully the signs we post. We keep them up to date, so if there’s been a change since your last visit, the signs are the best way to find out.

And if you’re ever not sure where something goes, please don’t guess! Just ask any one of us, and we’ll be happy to fill you in and get you on your way.

Finally, there’s one very important sign to pay attention to: the speed limit in the Transfer Station. It’s a very busy place, and we need to keep everyone safe (and not choking on dust).

Current Rules

With all that said, here are the general rules we’re currently operating under:

Glass and ceramic: We can now mix all kinds of glass (even broken window or mirrored glass without frames) and small ceramics (not plumbing fixtures) in the big orange container.

Corrugated cardboard: It must be clean … no pizza grease, etc.! Please flatten all boxes … easier for you to transport, easier for us to process.

Mixed paper: All kinds of paper and paperboard (but not gift wrapping paper) goes in the brown compactor outside the Recycling Building.

Cans: Tin cans and aluminum cans all get recycled together in the brown hoppers in front of the Recycling Building.

Plastic containers: There’s no market for recyclable plastic any more; so all kinds of plastic containers go in the trash hopper.

Everything else: Please ask! Ordinary household trash goes in the trash hopper, but we need to help you deal properly with anything else.

Thank you for your help keeping the Transfer Station as safe and efficient as we can make it.