Andover’s 79th Annual Fireworks Display Entrances Crowd

Flag Raised by American Legion Post 101

By Andover Fourth of July Committee
Thanks to high altitude shells, Andover’s Fourth of July fireworks display brightened the night sky and could be seen from the shores of Highland Lake in East Andover.. Photo: Earle Davis

Flash! Bang! Boom! Oohs and aahs from the crowd!  Say hello and goodbye to Andover’s 79th annual fireworks display. This one was one for the record books. We were there. We hope you were, too. 

After we handed out glow sticks to the children, we stood side by side with our fellow citizens to commemorate our country’s founding. Carr Field was the place to be on the night of the Fourth of July!  

We were happy to see a near-normal crowd of spectators who came out in spite of the rain. Our request for higher altitude shells paid off as one of our members even watched them from the shore of Highland Lake!

We’re proud to say that no matter what we face on the Fourth of July, our local American Legion Crosby-Gilbert Post 101 was there on the Village Green for the flag raising to honor our hometown heroes and all of those who served our country so that we can all be free. To add extra meaning to the Andover flag raising, a local veteran’s memorial flag now flies over the Village Green.

The Fourth of July Committee gathered the week after the big day with more enthusiasm than ever for next year’s celebration. We all agreed that Andover deserves the finest Independence Day, and we will work our hardest to make that happen!  God Bless America!