Andover Planning Board Minutes – June 22, 2021

Condensed from approved minutes

Members present: Donna Duclos, Vice-Chair; Ken Wells; David Powers; John Hodgson; Randy Monti, alternate; and John Kinney, ex-officio. 


Kinney, Select Board: Attorney Matt Serge has requested a full list of items pertaining to B&S Diesel in order to finish/provide a cease-and-desist order.  The Planning Board will provide the Select Board with the hours of operation and parking concerns.

Monti regarding Jon Champagne: Powers indicated he had spoken with Champagne regarding the bond and was advised it is in the works.  The well monitoring is to start soon.  They are still working with Black Forest Nursery to get the trees planted, and they are also working on the fence.

It was asked what type of enforcement is in place should things fall apart, and the response was that the Alteration of Terrain Permit and the Wetlands Permit are enforced by the State and any other conditions placed on the applicant are monitored by the Planning Board.  Any enforcement violations are handled by the Select Board.

John Hodgson, PUD Update: An edited/revised draft was distributed for board review.  It was asked if there could possibly be “bonuses” for the use of locally sourced materials and energy efficient structures.