Hub Suspends Trivia Night Game After July’s Show

Hub announces June winners

By Larry Chase

Following the Andover Community Hub’s sixth monthly “Andover Trivia Night” on July 22, the event’s organizers are taking a breather, canceling the August Zoom-based game show – and perhaps later ones as well – as the Hub board plans to reopen its headquarters in Andover’s old town hall at 157 Main Street. 

Winner of the June event, for the second consecutive month, was the team of Linda Barnes and Mary Anne Broshek. Winners receive a gift certificate from Pizza Chef.

The winner for the July event, and recipients of the first-prize free pizza from Pizza Chef, was the team of Mike and Michelle Cage. 

Answers to last month’s trivia questions for Beacon readers:

  • What does SOS stand for? Save our Ship 
  • Name the only fruit named for its color. Orange
  • According To “The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy,” what number is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything? 42
  • In which game might you “Peg Out”?  Cribbage
  • In what year did the Old Man of the Mountain rock formation collapse?  2003
  • The 1991 film What about Bob?, which stars Bill Murray, was set on what New Hampshire lake? Lake Winnipesaukee