Friends of the Northern Rail Trail Minutes – July 21, 2021

Draft Minutes of FNRT Board Meeting
(held via Zoom)
July 21, 2021

A Bigger, Broader, Better Board!

On July 21, the Board met in both Executive Session and its usual open format, nominating new Board Members and addressing a variety of issues.

Board Attendees:  George Heaton, Craig Heim, Lindy Heim, Charles Martin, Myra Mayman, Ricker Miller, Chris Norris, Steve Rasche, Jack Shields, Peter Southworth
New Nominees to the Board:  Amy Chan (Lebanon), Barbara Couturier (Andover), Cody Hussey (Canaan), Dustin Ladd (Lebanon), Don Moyer (Hill)

Guests:  David Beaufait (Enfield), Patrice Rasche (Canterbury)

Business Matters:

1. Board Nominees.  In Executive Session, the existing Board nominated five new members, as indicated above.  The election of all Board Members will be made at the Annual Meeting on August 15.  FNRT is thrilled to have these fine, talented and committed  new people in our “family,” and to see the reach of the Board broadened into Grafton County.

2. June Draft Minutes.  Unanimously approved.

3. “Flanger Sign” Restoration.  Ricker Miller made a presentation about four historic “flanger” signs – warnings to train personnel to lift a snow plow – that can be fabricated and replaced at their original positions along the Northern Railroad.  After considering a contractor proposal that Ricker had solicited, the Board voted to allocate up to $520 for this purpose.  These signs will provide and interesting referent to our history.


1. Activities in Grafton County.  Amy Chan and Cody Hussey reported on many new activities in Grafton County, where events, enthusiasm and new contacts for the FNRT are proliferating.  The opening of the Lebanon Tunnel, and the Bike Rodeo and July 15 saw impressive attendance and much good cheer.  Fifty new people signed on for the 25-mile Challenge Ride;  a celebration of 25 years on the Trail is being planned;  new relationships are being forged with merchants;  and FNRT will be a ubiquitous presence at farmers markets and Old Home days.

See dates, times, places below – Volunteers and attendees are most welcome!

2. Trail Building and Maintenance Committee..  Don Moyer’s power point slides brought the Board well up-to-date on Maintenance Committee activities, and offered a slate of projects to be considered for funding.  From a list of 73 possible projects, the Committee identified a dozen as high-priority.  Most of these are in Grafton County.  As Don continues to interact with Grafton County contractors, budgets will evolve, and commitments for the work will ensue.

We are particularly gratified see a doubling of volunteer hours in July, with chain saws and removal of downed trees much in evidence.

Volunteers can contact Don Moyer at

3. Technology Committee.   Cody Hussey reported that among many planned initiatives, the Committee is currently working to re-do the FNRT website, giving it a new look and increased functionality.  A particularly important aspect is the ability to post information about downed trees and Trail hazards.

4. Mowing.  Chis Norris reported in quick succession on equipment problems with mowing, and their solution, with mowing current in progress.

5. Eagle Pond Culvert Project.  Jack Shields reported, in quick succession, on possible design changes to this project, prompted by State concerns about railbeds over the long term.  An on-site meeting with FNRT and State representatives resolved the issue, and established new design parameters which may even save money!

6. Boscawen Extension.  With progress toward all final approvals and signatures slow but steady, we look forward to the realization of this project soon.

Upcoming Activities and Opportunities – Please Attend, Enjoy, Volunteer!

August 18 – FNRT Annual Meeting, by Zoom, 5 PM, open to all

August 26 – Grafton County 25th Anniversary Celebration, with appreciation awards for Trail founders

August 19, September 2, 16, 30 – Lebanon Farmers Markets, and FNRT table

August 22 – Canaan Farmers Market, with FNRT table

August 19 – 21 – Concord Market Days

September 15 – FNRT Potluck Supper, where all who bring a dish are welcome!

Adjournment – via Zoom sign-off:  7:05 PM

Next Meeting:  — Wednesday, August 15, 2021, 5 PM.  Via Zoom

Respectfully submitted, George Heaton, Secretary FNRT