Louise Andrus’ View from Concord, September 2021

By Louise Andrus

Can’t believe September and fall are upon us. The weather this summer certainly has been at extremes at times. There was so much rain and wet in July it was impossible for the farmers to cut and put the hay in as usual, and gardeners saw many vegetables not growing and producing as they usually do.

I would like to thank Marie Nardino, Andover resident, and Linda Olmstead, Danbury resident, for their opinion letters in the August Beacon. The letters are in contrast to what I believe in, and the walk I walk every day. The letters reaffirm that my Conservative approach to government is the right approach, ie. Pro Life, Pro Constitutions, Pro Military, Pro Police, Pro Freedom of Speech, Pro “Live Free or Die,” and No Sales or Income Tax for New Hampshire. 

In fact, the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (great organization that works for New Hampshire liberties and freedoms – NHLiberty.org) 2021 ratings gave me a 100% grade. The New Hampshire House Republican Alliance gave me a grade of 100% on the April 20 rating, and a 98.5% for the June 28 rating.  I am definitely doing something right, sticking to my Conservative values.

Over the summer, legislatures have been busy writing bills for the 2022 session. Deadlines are as follows:

September 13: First day to file LSRs for 2022 Session
September 17: Last day to file LSRs for 2022 Session 
November 5: Last day to sign off LSRs for 2022 Session 
November 18: Last day to report all retained bills
January 7, 2022: Last day to introduce House Bill

Here is listed a few of the Tabled Bills from the 2021 Sessions: 
HB 62-FN: relative to continued in-network access to certain healthcare providers. (Pending Question: Inexpedient to Legislate)
HB 81: relative to the justified use of deadly force upon another person. (Pending Question: Ought to Pass)
HB 111: establishing a cause of action against the state to protect individual rights. (No Pending Question)
HB 155: renaming Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day (Pending Question: Ought to Pass with Amendment)
HB 165: relative to noncompete agreements for certain mental health professionals. (Pending Question: Inexpedient to Legislate)
HB 185-FN: removing the work requirement of the New Hampshire Granite Advantage Health Care Program. (Pending Question: Ought to Pass)
HB 266-FN-L: relative to enforcement of immigration laws and the prohibition of sanctuary policies. (Pending Question: Ought to Pass)
HB 279: relative to the maximum allowable vehicle gross weight for a combination of truck-tractor and single semi-trailer with four or more axles. (Pending Question: Inexpedient to Legislate)
HB 295: relative to initiating amendments and corrections to birth records. (Pending Question: Ought to Pass with Amendment)
HB 348: requiring a public employer to provide notice of a new or amended collective bargaining agreement. (Pending Question: Ought to Pass)
HB 458-L: relative to provision of menstrual products for students in need. (Pending Question: Inexpedient to Legislate)
HB 544: relative to the propagation of divisive concepts. (Pending Question: Ought to Pass with Amendment)
HB 586-FN-A-L: relative to training and procedures for zoning and planning boards and relative to financial investments and incentives for affordable housing development. (Pending Question: Ought to Pass)
SB 110: relative to animals in motor vehicles. (Pending Question: Inexpedient to Legislate)

I encourage every citizen in New Hampshire to become more involved with opinions whether in person at committee meetings, opinions given by email or by phone, or in person with your local House or Senate member. This state belongs to each of you, and you are a vital part of the process. 

I can be reached at 648-2510; leave a message, and I will return your call. Or email me at L.A.Andrus21@nullgmail.com or Louise.Andrus@nullleg.state.nh.us. Or stop in and see me at 406 Raccoon Hill Road in Salisbury. Your input on any matter, whether pro or con, is important to me.