Andover Planning Board Minutes – July 27, 2021

Condensed from approved minutes.

Members present: Nancy Teach, Chair; Donna Duclos, Vice-Chair; Ken Wells; Art Urie; John Hodgson; and John Kinney, ex-officio

Announcements: Teach advised she was asked if the board could hold a non-binding consultation for a minor subdivision having the property owner attend via phone.  The consensus was it is okay to hold a non-binding; however, an applicant would have to be before the board in person or through an agent for a public hearing.

Zoning Administrator: Teach advised the board that a property owner on Chase Hill Road contacted her regarding a subdivision, and Teach provided him with links to Andover’s website.

Moyer is anticipated to be back on August 10, 2021.

Kinney for Powers regarding Jon Champagne: There is no new information.

Teach regarding Zoning Maps: Teach, Duclos, and Powers reviewed what has been received – draft map – and approved it to be printed. There will be no SRKG trail on it.

Kinney for Select Board: A cease-and-desist letter was finalized and served in-hand to Jim Henderson on July 27 and served in-hand to Brian Signer on July 28 – co-owners of B & S Diesel.  The letter gives them 20 days to respond to the Select Board.

The Select Board will provide a list of Town-owned property to the Planning Board after finalizing the abutters lists.

Editor for the Conservation Subdivision: Urie believes an outside editor is necessary to review and work up a condensed document.  Wells and Hodgson offered to do this and agree the documents needs to be streamlined.  

Duclos stated she agrees that it needs to be streamlined and a new set of eyes needs to review it. Duclos also stated she would consult with her son to review, as this is within his job experience.  

Kinney stated he agrees it is too long and a new viewpoint is needed.  He also stated that “Conservation Subdivision” is misleading.  

Teach asked why a developer would want to proceed with a Conservation Subdivision after reading the document and agrees a new set of eyes is needed; however, she is willing to work on it.

The board agreed to have Duclos’ son, Jeff Dickinson, review the document and have a condensed working draft prior to August 10.