Andover Select Board Minutes – June 7, 2021

Condensed from approved minutes.

Members  present:  Michelle Dudek and John Kinney, Town Administrator Marjorie Roy, Road Agent Jon Champagne, and citizen Donna Duclos.

The first topic of discussion was the reopening of the Town Office building. The Board voted unanimously to reopen the building as of Monday, June 14. Individuals who are not fully vaccinated will be required to wear a mask while in the building, and social distancing of six feet will be required. 

At this time, maximum capacity for the lobby will be four people and maximum capacity for the meeting room will be 15 people.

Highway Garage

John Ashley from DuBois and King Engineering was present for an initial discussion about a
conceptual plan for the building, well, and septic design for the proposed Highway Department garage at White Oak Pit, 41 Salisbury Highway. 

Discussion included whether the Town intends to adhere to the Zoning Ordinance, which is not required by municipalities. The Board agreed adherence to the Ordinance is intended. 

The proposed location of the building is between the two sand pits, just as you enter. The proposed building is three bays, with office space, restroom(s), a shower, and a lunchroom. John will provide the cost for a conceptual plan.

Road Agent’s Report

Road Agent Jon Champagne reported that it may be more practical to pave a short apron at Overlook Avenue, because there may be two houses built at the far end of the road, and heavy equipment, etc. could destroy new pavement. The Board decided to invite Mark Stetson, the property owner, to the June 21, meeting to ascertain what is planned for the house lots.

The Highway Department has received 3,000 gallons of liquid calcium to have on hand. Some calcium has been applied to dirt roads.

Clarke and Company has consolidated the gravel and rocks in the Town gravel pit (640 Main Street) into a stockpile for crushing. The Board signed the invoice for this and the crushing to be done for $12,000. 

Tucker Mountain Road, near the Johnson home, needs gravel added immediately. All of Tucker Mountain Road needs gravel added. The Board authorized the purchase of gravel for this project: $2,000.

The New Hampshire Corrections Sign Shop called to say the signs are ready for the Class VI Road on Beech Hill Road.

Jon will set up a meeting with Nick Bowdidge. Jon will also contact R&D Paving.

At this point in the meeting, Arch Weathers and Mary Kuechenmeister arrived for an
unscheduled discussion about the Class VI Road that runs past their property and has been used for pulling logs out from an abutting landowner’s timber cut. Arch and Mary want the logger, Chris Caron, to put the road back in its condition prior to the logging. They have put saw-horses on the road and today, instead of moving them, they report that Caron drove across their lawn. 


The Board instructed them to call the Police Department when anything like that occurs. It was decided that a meeting among all parties, including the Town’s attorney and Arch and Mary’s attorney, needs to take place.

Valley Road

The catch basin before the first bridge was cleaned today. The Beaver Deceiver at the second bridge needs to be cleaned out. Skip Lisle recommended using a backhoe with a thumb for this job. He has a plan to upgrade the Beaver Deceiver if that is approved by the Town. 

There seems to be little to no communication from the Conservation Commission regarding the condition or the monitoring of the Beaver Deceivers. No matter what is decided, changes need to be made regarding the Beaver Deceivers. 

Jon will call a trapper for Valley Road because a DES permit will be required for use of the backhoe, and it takes some time to obtain the permit.


A letter from U.S. Representative Ann Mclane Kuster was read. The letter thanked the Board for their letter regarding Medicare for All, as voted at Town Meeting.

An email from Damian Whittier at Naughton was read. Naughton does not rent trailers that could replace the solid waste trailer at the Transfer Station.