Planning Begins for “Scarecrows and Pumpkinheads All Around Town”

Creative participants sought to create displays

By Susan Chase
This cute little guy decorated Alicia Marceau’s Plains Road yard last year during Andover’s annual display of scarecrows and pumpkin people. Photo: Larry Chase

“Scarecrows and Pumpkinheads All Around Town,” Andover’s third annual public display of residents’ and local businesses’ artistic creativity is about to begin. So, it’s time to start planning and gathering materials, according to local resident Janet Moore who’s organizing the project with the support of The Andover Community Hub.

As Janet points out, Andover is bordered by Franklin to its east, where autumn streets are lined with pumpkin-kayaks; and by New London to its west, with homes featuring carved pumpkin heads. 


“Wouldn’t it be great,” she asks, “to drive from the Hersey farm to the Blackwater Junction Restaurant and just ooh and aah at all of Andover’s whimsical fall creations?” 

How to get started?  “Just use whatever you’ve got – snowmobiles, buckets, rakes, old bikes, straw bales – as a base for your very own pumpkin creature or scarecrow. Stuff some old clothes, arrange the arms and legs in an interesting position, and use a pumpkin or other roundish object (maybe masked) to top it all off.”

As in the past years, Andover’s businesses are especially encouraged to participate.  It is hoped that scarecrows will be in place all over town by early October and left up through Halloween.