Andover Conservation Commission Minutes – August 11, 2021

Condensed from approved minutes.

Present: Nancy Robart, Jesse Schust, Sooze Hodgson, Lee Wells, Jenny Bodwell

Correspondence: Received Merrimack County Local Food Guide. Among Andover farms, Crow Tree Farm and Two Mountain Farm were not mentioned. Other farms in Andover were mentioned: Windswept, Ragged View, and Trail Side Sugarhouse.

Beaver Deceiver (BD) Workgroup 
Check to see if we can get a recording of the UNH extension webinar on Beaver Deterrents 

Valley Road BD: e-mail received from Ed Hiller – concern about water going over Road: Jesse responded.  Vicky has been in touch with Skip.  Skip is looking into re-design of BD, culvert may need redesign.  Area may qualify for funds from the state’s wetland restoration funds for a so-called upside down/redesigned  culvert. It is a challenging area, with two sources of inflow – Highland Lake via Sucker Brook and Tucker Mountain area, and a very low road.

Still no itemization for Town’s work on BDs.

Community Outreach: Possible Beacon articles. Sooze: Wolf trees. Jenny: Puller Bear Pro. Lee: New Hampshire Lakes.

Wetland Buffer Signage: They have arrived and under budget. We will wait for cooler weather to post the signs: September or October. We need to make sure that the Highway Department knows about the buffer zone as agreed to by John Thompson and the Select Board at the time the land was transferred from the State to the Town. They must observe the buffer zone as they plan their new sheds and garages.

It would be helpful if we could know what the building plans are before projects begin.

ACC Membership: We should have one more member. Discuss possible members at a future meeting with more in attendance.

Sutton has a Conservation kiosk. Andover has three kiosks in town – Potter Place; East Andover Fire Station; SKR trailhead. Can we post things on them, or build our own?

Dyers Crossing area: Heading towards Franklin, the Rail Trail crosses under Route 11. Jesse checked area maps; the area is listed as the McDonough parcel.  

One part of that was given to the town. We need to be sure that we know the specifics and consider wetlands impact, as the State is looking into straightening Route 11.  Do we need to monitor it?