Andover Planning Board Minutes August 10, 2021

Condensed from approved minutes.

Members present: Nancy Teach, Chair; Donna Duclos, Vice-Chair; Ken Wells; Art Urie; John Hodgson; and John Kinney, ex-officio

Also present for duration of appropriate items: Pat Moyer, Planning and Zoning Administrator; Karine Dumont; Jedediah Godwin; Daryl Baker; Peter Lawall; Rick Smith; and Lisa Meier, Recording Secretary

Non-Binding Consultation: Brenda Godwin represented by Jedediah Godwin for a minor subdivision at 213 Bradley Lake Road, Tax Map 6 Lot 145,391 in the Agricultural / Residential Zone

Godwin inquired as to the process for a subdivision, and the response was the first step is a survey is needed which Godwin stated was being worked on; the second step is a continued non-binding to determine if the application is complete in order to hold a public hearing.  Godwin asked what the minimum required road frontage for a lot is in this zone, and the response was 250’ for each lot, and the minimum lot size is two acres.

Non-Binding Consultation: Daryl Baker for property on Chase Hill Road, Tax Map 9, Lot 547,088 in the Agricultural / Residential Zone

Baker stated the lot is 23 acres, and the division would be approximately 11.7 acres for each lot, and one lot would have 300’ of road frontage and the other would have 700’ of road frontage. 

Teach advised a new survey would be necessary for the two lots. The board would review the application for completeness, and then a public hearing would be scheduled once deemed complete.

Non-Binding Consultation: Peter Lawall for an ADU for property at 110 Beech Hill Road, Tax Map 12, Lot 663,175 in the Agricultural / Residential Zone

Lawall requested advice and guidance on converting his three-bay garage into an ADU. He presented a proposed floor plan.  The home is 5,790 square feet.  

Teach advised that when the plans/intentions are revised, Lawall will be able to work with the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Non-Binding Consultation: Scott Robart for property at 856 Main Street, Tax Map 21, Lot 723,590 regarding a previously approved shop

Robart asked if the prior approval from 2010 was still valid. He was previously approved by both the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Planning Board in 2010 for a “Group Shop” for retail sales of second-hand books, local crafts, antiques, and similar items.  There were 11 parking spots approved. The shop would be located in the barn area of the building.  The first floor is 710 square feet, and the second floor is 588 square feet.  

Kinney asked if either the rules or the use had changed since 2010, and the response was no. 

Robart stated the shop would operate three to four days per week.  

Teach stated that a new Site Plan Review Application needed to be completed, and the board would review it at their September 14 meeting.

Non-Binding Consultation: Rick Smith for property at 266 Main Street, Tax Map 20, Lot 002,383 in the Village Zone

Smith requested that the home be changed back to a five-unit property.  Duclos made a motion to vacate the February 10, 2021 decision designating the home as a four-unit residential building.  Urie seconded the motion and the board voted unanimously in favor of vacating the decision.

Reports and Updates

Zoning Administrator: Moyer stated she had nothing new to report to the board.

Teach for Powers regarding Jon Champagne: Teach stated there is nothing new to report; however, she asked Kinney if the blasting permit had been issued and the response was that he was unsure.

Teach regarding Zoning Maps: Teach, Duclos, and Powers reviewed what has been received – a draft map – and approved it to be printed. There will be no SRK trail on it. Lakes Region Planning Commission did send a revised map to the Town Office.

Kinney for Select Board: Kinney advised the board that one of the highway crew was out on medical leave.

Art Urie, Conservation Subdivision: A revised and condensed working draft was distributed for the board’s review.  It was decided to create a sub-committee to work on the document.  Wells, Urie, Hodgson, and Jeff Dickinson will be the committee.