Andrus’ Response to Reader’s Letter Misses the Point

By Linda Olmsted

In her September View from Concord, Ms. Andrus responded to my August opinion letter by
stating that it reaffirmed her belief that her conservative approach to government is the right
approach. While that approach could be debated, it was not my intent to question her beliefs
or political opinions. I was questioning the fact that a statement she made regarding laws is
inconsistent with her support of certain laws.

My letter referred to her June Report from Concord in which she questioned the need for so
many laws and why we keep passing more and more laws, stating her belief “that every time
a law is passed, the law takes away someone’s rights.” However, she supports laws that
take away a woman’s right to make decisions concerning her own physical, emotional and
mental well being. I respectfully suggest that she revise her statement regarding laws vs.
people’s rights.