Preschoolers Learn About Caterpillars and Apples

Space available for new enrollees

By Stephanie D'Amour
Preschoolers enjoy circle time outside on the playground. We love to talk about the weather outside, and we have started to discuss and notice the changing of the seasons. Being outside makes these conversations much more meaningful. From left to right, starting with the child with a yellow shirt, going in a circle, are Avery, Jolene, Miss Robyn, Elijah, Lauralei, Addilyn, Gunner, Callister, and Ramona. The last child with her back turned wishes not to be named. Photo: Stephanie D’Amour

This year we welcomed eight new children to our little school, joining the eight children returning from last year. We still have enrollment space for children three to five years old, with half day and full day options.

We have had a fabulous first month!  The first few weeks of school are all about getting to know each other and the daily routine. We also began working on fundamental skills essential for learning in years to come, like teamwork and problem solving. Giving children opportunities to thrive in their own way creates a great foundation for the future. 

Our biggest excitement thus far has been watching the life cycle of our painted lady caterpillars as they emerge into butterflies! Preschoolers got an up-close view in the classroom of this process. How wonderful it was to release them on our playground and have the butterflies come back to visit us in the playground garden!

We also took advantage of the apple trees on the property. We are so thankful to have generous neighbors share their fruits for endless science and cooking experiences with our preschoolers.

Thank you to our community members who supported us by buying mums from our fundraiser sale in September. If you didn’t get a chance to purchase mums, another chance to support EAVP is just around the corner. We will be selling Cash Calendars this month. Please reach out to, or find a local preschool family.