Letter: Lack of Understanding

By Susan Chase

Jenn Coffey, Andover’s current state representative, wrote in the September Beacon about her concerns as she seeks re-election on November 6. She wrote particularly of the need to attract businesses to New Hampshire, yet her voting record indicates a lack of understanding of what is important to businesses considering locating here:

1) A strong education system that produces a well-educated workforce and attracts young families. Instead, Ms. Coffey voted for repealing the requirement for public kindergarten, for lowering the drop-out age, and against funding for Head Start and the community college system.

2) Basic infrastructure including good roads, bridges, and the access to high-speed Internet essential for economic development, job creation, and small business growth. Instead, Ms. Coffey voted to cut funding for the Highway Fund, against establishing a commission to encourage broadband service throughout the state, and against allowing municipalities to bond for and build broadband infrastructure.

3) Good healthcare available at reasonable costs to businesses and their employees. Instead, Ms. Coffey voted to prohibit New Hampshire from participating in the development of a health benefit exchange which would lead to more transparency, competition, and lower costs. Medical insurance rates in New Hampshire remain among the highest in the nation.

Just saying New Hampshire needs to “get more industry,” as Ms. Coffey suggested, isn’t sufficient. Her recent votes don’t demonstrate this concern or contribute to solving this problem facing our state. I urge voters in District 1 to retire Ms. Coffey by voting for Mario Ratzki for state representative.