E-Bikes Available to Andover Residents for Free Test Rides 

Check one out in New London, October 11 to 30

By Larry Chase
One of the E-Bikes available for a test ride from the New London Recreation Department, free of charge from October 11 to 30. Photo: Upper Valley E-Bike Lending Library

Interested in “test-pedaling” an electric bicycle?  Here’s your chance!

New London-area residents (including Andoverites) may register online to try out a variety of electrically-powered bicycles for loan periods that vary from an hour up to two full days. This free program will operate out of the New London Recreation Department office in Whipple Hall at the corner of Main Street and Seamans Road.

Available for borrowing during the period beginning Monday, October 11, and ending on Saturday, October 30, are four different makes and models: the Rad Power Bikes Radwagon, the Specialized Turbo Como, the Specialized Hard Rock, and the Finiss with Electric Assist.  Photos, prices, and other information are available at LocalMotion.org/ebikes.

E-Bike loans are free of charge. Borrowers may register online at LocalMotion.org/upper_valley_ebike_lending_library. Scroll down and click “Reserve A Bike.”

Time slots available for loans are:

One-Hour Loans: Wednesdays at noon and 1:15 PM; Saturdays at 11 AM and 12:15, 1:30, and 2:45 PM; and Sundays at 11 AM and 12:15, 1:30, and 2:45 PM.

48-Hour Loans: Mondays at 10 AM (return Wednesday by 10 AM); Wednesdays at 5 PM (return Friday by 5 PM).

The New London E-Bike Loan Program is a cooperative venture of the New London Energy Committee, Kearsarge Climate Action, Vital Communities, and Local Motion of Vermont. 

Please refer to the New Hampshire e-bike laws at BWAnh.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/NH_Ebike_Laws_20191011_PDF.pdf. Helmets are required for riders under the age of 16, and only Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes may be ridden on the Northern Rail Trail. More information about e-bikes and the Northern Rail Trail may be found at NorthernRailTrail.org/faqs. When borrowing an e-bike, ask which class it falls under.