New London Hospital Opens Express Care Service

Most insurance accepted; no appointments needed

Press release
A private ribbon cutting event was held to kick off the opening of the new Express Care Center located at the New London Hospital. Holding the ribbon are: Jeff Hollinger, Vice Chair, NLH Board of Trustees; Nicole Wakeman, BSN RN, NLH; Lori Underwood, Chief Operating Officer, NLH; Thomas Beauregard, Clinical Director, NLH Express Care; Tom Manion, President and CEO, NLH; Jonathan Season MD, Medical Director, NLH Express Care; Kirk Dufty, MD, Chief Medical Director, NLH; Kurt Croft, Senior Director Special Projects, NLH; and Steve Sareault, Project Manager, HP Cummings Construction Company. Caption and photo: Timothy Lund

New London Hospital’s (NLH) Express Care is now open and ready to treat conditions such as sprains, skin rashes, tick bites, cuts and lacerations, colds, and certain infections. Express Care has its own designated entrance, parking, and registration at NLH and is open seven days a week, from 9 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Saturday, and 9 AM to 3 PM on Sundays.

Express Care is a service for those two years of age and older. Most insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare and Medicaid.

“We are excited to launch Express Care for our community,” says Tom Manion, president and CEO, NLH. “This will be such a valuable service for our patients. For those assessed as having serious medical conditions that cannot be treated in an urgent care setting, our skilled, on-site Emergency Department team is prepared to meet their needs.”

Due to COVID-19 safety protocols, NLH recently held a private ribbon cutting to kick off the opening of this new service. Invited guests included local officials and NLH board members and employees. Express Care staff provided tours of the new space.

“I believe this will be such an asset to our community,” says John Cannon, Selectman, New London. “It will ease the stress on the hospital’s Emergency Department and provide a convenient option for residents who don’t want to drive to Lebanon or Concord for urgent care.”

Express Care appointments are not required. Visit or call 603 526-5155 for more information.