Representative Taken to Task for Spreading Misinformation

By Faith Minton

As a supporter of public education, I read with disappointment New Hampshire District 25 Representative Natalie Wells’ recent letter regarding public education, which in my opinion is dangerous and deliberately inaccurate. 

In her letter, Representative Wells makes critical claims about children and education. Given the inaccuracies in her description of public education, I would ask that she provide her readers with the sources of her information about what is happening in our local schools. Has Representative Wells actually visited our schools, attended school board meetings, and participated in open house events? What actual evidence does Representative Wells offer to support her claims? None that I am aware of. She educated her children in another state, retired here, and now hopes to create fear and misunderstanding of what happens in New Hampshire schools. 

I believe that Rep. Wells’ views are echoes of the views stated time and time again by the Libertarian and Free State factions of the New Hampshire Legislature with which our Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut and our Governor Chis Sununu have aligned themselves.

As a longtime Warner resident and taxpayer, former educator, parent of students educated at Kearsarge Regional School District, school volunteer and volunteer coordinator, youth mentor, and past school board member, I have direct knowledge and feel much better qualified to share accurate information about our local public schools. Representative Wells’ descriptions of what goes on in our public schools are simply untrue and inaccurate.

When an elected public official uses phrases such as “children made to feel guilty for actions 200 years ago,” “children learning to hate their buddies,” “parents who speak up at school boards … are being punished,” I ask what schools she is referring to? It is not our local public school system. 

These phrases are part of a calculated national political effort designed to generate fear, to make people question the quality of our public schools. They are part of a deliberate attack by well-financed organizations like the Heritage Foundation, 1776 Action, Fight for Schools, Parents Against Critical Theory, Turning Point USA, the list goes on. 

We will see more and more attacks on public education leading up to the next election. So please do not be swayed by uninformed messengers who want to undermine our public schools.

I invite Representative Wells and others who are uninformed to learn more about New Hampshire public schools. Contact your local school Superintendent and set up a visit. I am sure Representative Wells will be pleased to find out she lives in a community with quality schools which encourages active family participation. Her local Kearsarge Regional School District is made up of hard working, dedicated professionals who are proud to work in a highly ranked school community.

After your visit to our schools, Representative Wells, I ask that you report back about what is really happening in our local schools. I agree with your feeling that we should come together. Let’s come together and support our children and families with a strong, supported public education system that serves all our children regardless of which town the child resides in. Please do not promote false, generalized, politically motivated narratives that are taken from those who wish to dismantle public education. We expect more of our elected officials.