State Rep Believes in Individual Rights, but not the Common Good

By Janet Moore

Having re-read all of Louise Andrus’ Beacon articles, I’ve come to certain conclusions that I believe need to be shared with the public. 

She likes to talk about herself; that’s for sure. She’s thrilled that she has a 100% approval rating from the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance – read: libertarian – and the New Hampshire House Republican Alliance. She’s been a parent to three children at AE/MS and was thrilled when the school was so responsive to concerns voiced to her by parents. 

She’s proud of her attendance at MVHS school board meetings, speaking for the parents who were distressed by diversity training and mask mandates. In fact, she referred to that training as leading to indoctrination of the students and that teachers should spend more time on the basics. She’s all for parental rights in the schools – hey, wait a minute, these are our taxpayer-funded public schools where we, the people, hire and train and pay good educators to guide the community’s children in their learning experiences and responsibilities.

She’s proud of the fact, and wrote about it twice, that she went to MVHS meetings and stood up for the right of individuals to make their own vaccine choices. She’d like us to honor our health care workers, brave and essential folks, even when they choose not to be vaccinated. 

Oh, wait a minute, again, are these the same workers who have exposed their patients to the germs and viruses they bring in? And when the federal mandate is handed down, are these the same essential health care workers who’d rather lose their jobs than be jabbed? In losing their essential jobs, they then put their patients at additional risk since not enough staff can be hired and the level of care goes down. Oh yes, those same “un-jabbed” then go on to fill up hospital beds and ICU’s when they eventually get infected.

Yes, our state representative  certainly believes in individual rights and to live free and die. What’s really clear is that she simply does not care for the common good. Protecting oneself against the virus also protects any and all people with whom one comes in contact. 

When our brave veterans, whom she so rightly praises, went off to war, they fought for the common good, for the welfare and freedom of all the people. I hope our state representative soon finds the time to reflect on just how important it is to value all life, all peoples, and our own friends and neighbors.