Andover School Board Minutes – December 14, 2021

By Beth Page

Condensed from approved Budget Work Session minutes.

Board Present: Adam Jones, Dan Newton, Lisa Burbach, Aimee Menard

Administration Present: Mark MacLean, Randy Wormald, Dennis Dobe, Hilary Denoncourt, Beth Page

Public Present: None

Hilary opened the meeting by discussing that the only change to the budget (from the previously shared version) was an increase in the Physical Education teacher’s position increasing from a 4-day to a 5-day contract. This change was based on suggestions from the Board at the previous meeting.

The team went through the budget and reviewed +/- DIFF:
Item line for 1100 obj 112 for $17500 increased due to supporting PE full time.

Item line for Total HS Tuition is up $56,000, estimating five students will attend a private school.

1210; 124 increased due to special education tutoring needs

Salaries of special education reviewed. Special education tuition both reviewed.

1210; 731 this increase is to represent typical spending on this line.

Salaries for school counselor, school nurse reviewed.

2140-2190 include contracted services. These numbers are reduced because the IDEA grant is supporting some needs in these lines.

Item line 2210; 112 to be removed for Salary Mentors.

2321; 311 Assessment to SAU 46, ADM and Equalized Valuation discussed.

12.2% health insurance increase discussed. This increase is based on previous year’s usage; during COVID, not many folks attended their doctor’s appointments, but we’re seeing a rise in usage recently. The SAU did shop around for other providers, but other options were comparable. This impact is spread throughout the budget.

2620; 119 this budget line supports the salary of the plant manager and 1.5 custodians.

2630; 422 impacted by snow removal being handled in-house. The Gasoline line will be renamed to Fuel. Shoveling the roof on average costs $3,500 per year.

5120; 830 decrease in debt service, Bond to be paid until 2031-2032 school year.

5222; 930 it was discussed if food service had ever been contracted. The Board may study potential situations for this area.

Revenue reviewed.

Maintenance Reserve fund discussed, which is at a balance of approximately $63,000.
Needs for the boiler discussed.

The Board transitioned to reviewing a letter presented by Burbach, emailed to the finance committee by Elita Reed, with concerns regarding the budget.

Hilary noted that we have a moderator.