Letter: Choose Gary Johnson

By Howard Wilson

Listening to the so-called “president” debates, so far, I have heard no solution from either Obama or Romney as to the causes and cures for the inflation this nation suffers from, nor any real solution for the deficit all the inflation causes.

Obama, I can agree, has done a whole lot of damage to the economy, yet Romney, despite his past business success, seems to have no more solutions than Obama has.

It might be better for voters to choose Gary Johnson for president, with eight years experience as governor of New Mexico, versus the four years of Romney as “governor” of Massachusetts and Obama’s no real-world experience in any business, despite four years as a US senator and almost four years as “president.” In addition, Gary Johnson created and ran a large construction business for eight to 10 years before entering politics in New Mexico.

Maybe even more fun could have been the inclusion of Gary Johnson on stage between Romney and Obama for the “last” presidential “debate.” The first two weren’t much fun, nor informative.