Students Eagerly Embrace In-School Enrichment Clubs

Students have choice of clubs or recess

By Kasey Schoch

One of the things that was greatly missed during the COVID shutdown of 2020, as well as during the hybrid schooling model that was in place last year, were extracurricular activities and social events. 

Knowing this, and wanting to make up for so much lost time, the specialist team at AE/MS (Alex Ager, Alex Bramley, Matt Orlando, Courtney Minnehan, Stephanie Peters, and Lisa Lane) have been offering middle school students enrichment clubs during their lunch/recess break. “This is giving students something to look forward to besides recess, and gives us the opportunity to teach in smaller class sizes,” said Courtney Minnehan, AE/MS art teacher and enrichment club organizer.

A wide variety of clubs were offered for students to choose from, including open art studio, guitar, Dungeons and Dragons, volleyball, poetry club, baking, sewing, and more.  Club opportunities change every six weeks.  Each club meets once a week for six weeks, so students can participate in five clubs in a given week or choose the traditional recess option.

After the first session wrapped up shortly before Thanksgiving, new choices were offered and students that had never signed up before were suddenly joining the clubs, which shows that the excitement and enthusiasm their classmates have had for the program is rubbing off. 

It would seem that this group of teachers have struck gold with the students this year and have truly inspired students to get more involved in school activities.  That can only lead to a more positive, stronger community at AE/MS.