Andover Conservation Commission Minutes – December 8, 2021

Condensed from approved minutes

Present: Shawn Upton, Tina Cotton, Jesse Schust, Lee Wells, Nancy Robart, Jerry Hersey, Sooze Hodgson

E-mail from Marj

Intent to cut forms are not permission forms, they are tax forms. Intent to cut forms are available digitally – we can look them up on the DES site.  We can check regularly; there are also wetlands permits on their site.

Insurance is available for volunteers; contractors need to maintain insurance. For Beaver Deceiver maintenance: need to wear life jacket and have another person observing.  Michelle Lambert should check in with Marj to see what is needed.

Going forward, we need to consider DES concerns in regards to maintenance of Beaver Deceivers.

Heaton job is done. Road is suitable for a fire truck to get through.

Town will post on website that we can have reps on Lakes Region Planning Commission.

ACC Membership: Alan stepping off ACC. Might be willing to be an alternate in the summer, he will consider it. We should let the Select Board know that we need another full time member.  

We will need to have the website managed and the Google account managed. Jesse feels he can do some of the website management. Jesse will discuss what he and Jenny might be able to do.  Alan will continue to manage the website until January.

Select Board Meeting: Jesse submitted concerns in writing. Shawn will attend the next meeting. We need to let them know of the vacancy. We should come up with recommendations. Email suggestions to group.

Budget Committee Meeting: Nancy went. Our budget is easy. We added $2,500 for Beaver Deceiver maintenance. It will be in our budget. Suggestion made that we try it for one year and see how it goes.
Beaver Deceiver Update: Valley Road: Shawn submitted a report. He contacted Ben Nugent at Fish and Game, who recommended that he contact DES, which Shawn did. Things have ground to a halt since then. 

They have recommended that we allow it to drain slowly. Risk from too much debris and silt washing through all at once. 

Michelle Dudek is the Select Board member involved.  Clearing was done after the floods in December 26, 2020, April 16, 2021, and August 2, 2021.

Lakes Region Planning Commission: Recommendations for reps from Andover?

Wetland Buffer Signage: Shawn can ask at Select Board meeting to have someone from the Highway Department do it with us as a team effort. We may need to re-measure the buffer. Jesse has metal sign-posts – will leave with Lee to get the signs drilled.

ACC 2022 Goals: Nancy has a copy of Mary Anne’s timetable for ACC.  Need to make sure that 50% of funds from coming out of Current Use comes to us. Jesse will check on this with Elita.  

Year End Report: Tina will use our past minutes to write the report.

Review action items from past meeting.