Andover Select Board Minutes November 1, 2021

Condensed from approved minutes.

Members Present:  Todd Goings, Chair; Michelle Dudek, John Kinney

Also present for duration of appropriate items:  Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Jon Champagne, Road Agent; Elita Reed, Finance Manager; Donna Duclos, Andover Planning Board; Nancy Teach, Planning Board Chair; and Lisa Meier, Secretary

Road Agent Report
Champagne stated he spoke with Mike Kaulbach regarding the new truck and was advised they are waiting for the dump body, which is half complete.  Once complete, someone from Town will go and look at the truck to make sure everything is satisfactory.  

The roadside mowing is done, and before and after photos were provided.  Dudek recommended an article be submitted to the Beacon regarding the mowing. 

The road crew will install underdrain to repair Dyers Crossing, and a ditch and underdrain was done on Last Street due to a small washout.  Ditching was done on Sam Hill Road near the Class VI portion.  

The F550 truck was winterized and is back, and the edges for the plows have been ordered.  

Kinney asked Champagne if there is anything left in the budget for anything that he wished he had been able to complete, and Champagne replied yes.  

Dudek stated Champagne was going to get some numbers together for the Board to review regarding the roadside maintenance to be completed in the spring.  

Dudek asked if Champagne has heard from Jeff at R&D Paving, and Champagne replied yes, they will be here during the second or third week in November.  

Kinney asked at what temperature does it become ill-advised to pave, and Champagne replied that Andover has always paved in the fall as the ground is still on the warm side and the pavement has to be 240 degrees when paving, which Champagne checks during the process. 

The backhoe has been serviced. The water and puddles on the dirt roads have dried, so grading will start.

Planning Board

Teach thought she was supposed to meet with the Select Board to review the Planning Board budget; however, was advised she needs to go before the Budget Committee on November 10, 2021.  

Teach stated she would like to see a temporary replacement for the Planning and Zoning Administrator while she is out on medical leave.  Kinney asked how many hours would this encompass, and Teach replied she would have to check with Moyer.

Town Administrator Report

Job descriptions previously requested by the Select Board were received from Marj Roy, Town Administrator, and Lisa Meier, Deputy Town Clerk / Tax Collector.  

Goings asked why only one job posting was indicated in The Andover Beacon, and Roy replied that the Highway Department Supervisor job is advertised in the Kearsarge Shopper.  Reed replied that she puts them on the Town website when she receives the request. Dudek suggested adding “Employment Opportunities” on the Town website. 

Goings asked if the Select Board will have access to the software for budget season, and the reply was that the office is waiting on MainStay at this point; however, it will not be compatible with Apple right away. 

Roy indicated that the State is behind in setting the tax rate.  

Attorney Serge is sending draft letters.  Two people have been served regarding the Cease and Desist, and the mortgage is now involved.  

A Certificate of Insurance was received from the person doing the roadside mowing in a very timely manner.  Roy will compile a formal vendor list at Dudek’s request.

Correspondence and Signatures

Plow contracts were received and signed by the Select Board.