Reader Reacts to Andrus’ Op Ed on Stance of Masks and Vaccines

By Ron Charles

In the Holidays 2021 issue of The Andover Beacon, State Representative Louise Andrus expressed her opinions about masks being a matter of choice. About vaccines she wrote “it’s sad and disgusting what we are doing to people in that they are losing their jobs,” and ends her article by hoping that 2022 will be a better year for all of us.

What I believe is sad is that treating masks as a matter of choice is acting like it’s a fashion item rather than something that protects you and those around you.

What I also feel is sad is that 2021, health wise, could have been a better year if more people had been vaccinated.

But what I truly believe is sad is that the opinions of Representative Andrus, which I feel are misguided, could lead to, inadvertently, more unnecessary tragedy in 2022.

Ron Charles
St. Louis, Missouri; a Beacon subscriber