Natalie Wells’’ View from Concord – January 2022

By Natalie Wells

It is a wonderful feeling when 400 state representatives can come together and for the most part agree on bills. Of course, most of the time, the number is usually around 375. 

One of these bills was HB579 (Y-254, N-85). “Requiring Notice to the Public Before Immigration checkpoints are conducted”. I voted yes, as this bill requires “the chief law enforcement officer to inform local media when he or she is informed by Border Patrol of an immigration checkpoint.” It will require notice of immigration checkpoints in New Hampshire, under Constitution: Part I, Article 19.

Many bills were “tabled” which means they can be taken off the “table” and may be brought back during the remainder of this Session with Amendments. One such bill is HB153 “establishing a committee to study universal internet access for New Hampshire”.  As we are all for internet access in New Hampshire, as Representative Vose pointed out, broadband has been studied for the last 15 years. It is a well understood issue, and the Federal Government is putting large dollars into this program. Therefore, I voted with the majority to table this unnecessary bill.

A controversial bill HB607: “Establishing a Local Education Freedom Account”.  This also was laid on the table. For those who want to argue against it, here are some facts:

1) Voters of a school district (60% required) would get to decide. At the same time if the town down the line decides they no longer want this program, the town can remove it with a 60% vote.

2) All it did was enable towns to put this on the Ballot with 25 signatures, no other requirements.

3) It was not touching Federal, State, or local special education funds or IEP’s and services within a District.

Most families like their public schools and believe that their school does a good job educating their children. Most families want their children to attend school with their neighbors. To be clear from the sponsor of the bill, Rep Verville, had actual statistics:  91.3% of students in New Hampshire attend public school. Non-public, charter, and public academies make up the other percentage. 

But Education Freedom Accounts (EFAs) make up less than 1%, (1,600 students to be clear). In my opinion, all the fear and fluff that goes to stop EFAs, which help parents choose for their child what is the best fit, is surely exaggerated. I also want to be clear that I am talking about the state of New Hampshire education, not a particular district.

HB50 Redistricting: This Committee unanimously agreed to make districts for 400 state representatives to maintain the New Hampshire constitutional requirements. The plan meets both the Federal and State constitutional requirements. In CD2 District (our district), there was only a discrepancy of 88 to 89 people out of 1.4 million people. Whether direct or indirect, it is always the legislators who are assigned to a district, not the voter. 

This bill now moves on to the Senate and then the Governor for further scrutiny. It does mean that my present district (Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, Warner, and Webster) will now become Warner, Bradford, and Henniker.

To end on a positive note: As a supporter of small business and businesses in New Hampshire, statistics just released show that lowering the Business Profit Tax (BPT) under the Republican legislation, yielded higher than expected revenues. This result helps keep employment in New Hampshire going. It proves it is not only affordable, but justified.

Just as important, it did not reduce tax revenues as some predicted since 2012. During these inflationary times, the Republican legislation realized that by reducing BPT and BET (Business Enterprise Tax), the whole state of New Hampshire will continue to grow.  


I know it’s easier to just click and buy an item on the computer, but supporting local businesses is what keeps our communities afloat. I know for Christmas, I had fun going to local merchants and finding unique gifts for my family, not just the same run of the mill. Let’s all do our share and support local businesses.

You can contact me at or 603 456-2873.