Each of Four Offices in Town Building Has Specific Duties

It's a busy place; time management is crucial

By Marjorie Roy

There are only four offices in the Town Building, but an incredible number of responsibilities are conducted there. Of course, we all know that the Town Clerk-Tax Collector and the deputy register cars, handle elections, provide vital records, license dogs, and sell Town stickers, but did you know their office is the depository for all Town records? This includes historical records and today’s records that will someday be historical.

The Zoning Administrator is also the Planning and Zoning Coordinator. Her office issues building and demolition permits, and mechanical permits when necessary. This is the place to go if you have questions about property setbacks, the Andover Zoning Ordinance, or Planning Board matters. This position also prepares and researches matters that are to come before the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

The Select Board is the executive, managerial, and administrative body of the town. This does not mean the Select Board performs all of the tasks on a day-to-day basis. It is appropriate for the Board to delegate the performance of day-to-day tasks to employees.

The Town Administrator is the chief administrative officer for the Select Board and is responsible for duties assigned by the Board. The Town Administrator coordinates, directs, and plans the workflow of the administrative functions of the Town and oversees the overall operation of the Town; manages the office of the Select Board; and acts as liaison between all elected officials, boards, commissions, departments, committees, employees, and the public. 

The Bookkeeper is responsible for the overall financial operations of the Town and manages everything from payroll and accounts payable to IRS and state reporting. She is also responsible for maintaining the operating budget and collaborating closely with the Trustees of Trust Funds and the Treasurer. Currently, there are two people staffing the Select Board’s office: the Town Administrator and the Bookkeeper.

As you can see, the offices are always busy and require different skills and abilities. We enjoy visitors and appreciate their awareness of our need to manage our time effectively.

Job descriptions can be found on the Town website at Andover-NH.gov.