Kearsarge Neighborhood Partners (KNP)

Kearsarge Neighborhood Partners (KNP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a community where neighbors help each other flourish.  Partnering with local entities such as Warner Connects, Kearsarge Regional Ecumenical Ministries (KREM), town welfare offices, Colby-Sawyer College, food resources, the Andover Hub, and the New London Hospital, KNP seeks to address some of the root causes leading people to seek emergency help. 

Whether for a day or a year, KNP embraces the power of interpersonal relationships.  We are connectors!

KNP helps “weave” a net of local support in the Kearsarge region, matching a list of over 250 committed KNP volunteers with the short and long-term needs of neighbors and organizations in our region.  Volunteers may provide a meal or a ride to a medical appointment, spring-clean a yard, or do a small home repair. 

In a more involved situation, a pair of KNP Advocates will meet with a household over time, walking beside people who are facing challenges as they move toward a more stable footing in life.

We continue to work on accessing affordable housing, food security, and transportation.  The Tray It Forward program is in its third year, with five local organizations growing and distributing vegetable garden seedlings to help local folks improve their own food security.  Kars for Kearsarge is a new KNP/KREM partnership providing repairs and used vehicles to qualified individuals in the region who lack transportation.

To learn about KNP and get a sense of what we do in the region, please visit