Lions Club

Formed in November of 1954, the mission of the Andover Lions Club is to provide assistance to people in need, specifically those who are visually or hearing impaired. We sponsor projects that benefit the community and improve the lives of those citizens in need in Andover, Danbury, Salisbury, and Wilmot.

Eye care and hearing aids have been provided to hundreds of people.

Scholarships, emergency funding, and the Andover Food Pantry.

Operation Kidsight, screening children between the ages of one and six years old for amblyopia. Now testing children at the Imagination Inn, the East Andover Village Preschool, and the Wilmot Community Center.

Fundraising includes the Fourth of July pancake breakfast and food sales on the Village Green, Musterfield Farm Days, and Halloween night for the town.

The funds raised are donated to community needs, Lions Clubs International Foundation, Vision Weekend for the blind, surrounding food pantries, food backpacks for school weekend and vacation time, and a trophy for AE/MS Citizen of the Year.

We meet once every other month at 6 PM at the Franklin Pizza Chef and welcome new members. Call 603 735-6140 or 603 768-3838.