Preschool Students Focus on All Things Green for March

Welcome back to Miss Stephanie!

Press release
Top to bottom: Miss Robyn, Owen, unnamed child, Callister, and Finn. Photo: Robyn Boisvert

Despite the cold New Hampshire has brought us this winter, at East Andover Village Preschool (EAVP) we have managed to get outdoors. Our preschoolers love playing in the snow, from making snow angels and snowmen to sledding down the hill on the playground. Often a teacher will sit at the top to give the preschoolers an extra boost down the hill. 

The time spent outside is very beneficial to our students, helping them to use and improve their gross motor skills along with developing their social skills. The freedom the outdoors brings to our students helps to spark their imaginations and minds. 

For the month of March we are focusing on all things green and lucky! The students love to go on “scavenger hunts,” often for numbers or letters. 

On St. Patrick’s Day they will get the opportunity to go on the search for a pot of gold within the classroom or even outdoors, weather permitting. 

Here at EAVP we love learning through play and hands-on experiences; as the days start to get warmer, we are eager to get outdoors and soon into our mud kitchen.

We are very excited to be welcoming back Miss Stephanie; the classroom has not been the same without her. The preschoolers are ready to show her all they have learned and to start learning with her again. She brings a special energy and calm to our classroom, along with all of her creative songs!