Town Meeting, Not SB2, Offers Sense of Community

By William Bardsley

Andover has many gatherings.  We have many organizations with constructive meetings.  We have the Fourth of July, which we share with a couple of thousand visitors.  But only at Town Meeting do we all have the chance to come together as the whole Andover community on its own.

There is also, of course, the opportunity for the give and take of healthy debate.  Some citizens see this has mayhem. From my 17 years as Town Moderator, and about 30 as School Moderator, I can recall quite a few mistakes I made, but I cannot remember a single instance of rudeness or disruption in any meeting. The town made it easy for me, and it was my opinion that any sensible proposal when clearly explained and discussed would be approved.

Under SB2 with its Deliberative Session and early voting, Andover would lose this sense of the community gathering and decision making.  I hope the voters will turn it down.

Bill Bardsley