Success of 2022 Town Meeting Attributed to all Players

Thank you to voters, volunteers, officials, others

By Stuart Green and Lee Wells

Marked ballots have been securely sealed up.  Other election materials: unused ballots, check-lists, and tally sheets have also been securely stored. Newly elected officials have been sworn in, and budget numbers have been adjusted: another successful Town Election and Meeting have been wrapped up.

None of this would happen without the commitment and dedication from dozens of volunteers and the voters themselves. We’d like to thank Lisa Meier, Town Clerk; the Supervisors of the Checklist; the Ballot Clerks; the Runners and Greeters; the Ballot Counters; the staff at Town Hall; the staff at Andover Elementary/Middle School; the Select Board members; and the Andover Police.

Thank you to the individuals who ran for office or launched write-in campaigns.

Thanks, too, to the voters who came out for the elections and the Town Meeting.  We feel both went smoothly and we are grateful for your contributions.

This is Democracy in its purest form.