Rail Trail Offers EAVP Students Learning Adventures

By Robyn Boisvert
Preschoolers go on a scavenger hunt on the rail trail with clipboards to find items on their list to circle along the way. Each child also drew a map of how to get back to preschool.  Shown (not in order) are Miss Kristie, Miss Stephanie, Jolene, Briar, Addie, Finn, Elijah, Jason, Owen, Marina, and Callister. Caption and photo: Robyn Boisvert

As we enter spring, we take advantage of the Rail Trail by going on scavenger hunts searching for items such as animal prints, snow, ice, bodies of water, mushrooms, pine cones, trees, and more. East Andover Village Preschool uses an emergent curriculum supporting our student’s interest along with developmental needs.

Enrollment is now open for the 2022-2023 school year, along with our summer program starting on Monday, June 27. If you are interested in enrolling or would like more information, please email EAVP@nulltds.net.