Jackson Kayak Holds Free Clinics at Franklin Falls

Community of paddlers is "one big family"

Press release
The Franklin Falls Revitalization continued in April with the Jackson Kayak Fun Tour bringing professional paddlers from Tennessee and Georgia to Franklin for free clinics. The event was a great showcase for the Franklin community, with free live music, food vendors, and beer served by Vulgar Brewing Company. Photo: Tiffany Eddy

Franklin Falls’ Revitalization made a commitment to free outdoor infrastructure years ago. This has been a story that folks have heard around the state.

The excitement and vibrancy of this small city continued on April 16 when Jackson Kayak, a Tennessee-based company and a leader in the paddlesports industry, came to Franklin Falls for a series of free clinics at the city’s new whitewater park. The company’s full line-up of whitewater and recreational kayaks was on display at Trestle View Park during the event.

“We are one big family, a community of paddlers, and we want to make sure that everyone has a great time out on the water!” brand manager and professional paddler Emily Jackson stated.

This is exactly what the Jackson Kayak Fun Tour achieved. Bringing professional whitewater paddlers from Tennessee and Georgia is something that hasn’t ever happened in Franklin or New Hampshire. Whitewater paddlers are pumped.

However, the day was really about showcasing the Franklin community. As such, there was free live music, food vendors, and beer served by Franklin’s local brewery, Vulgar Brewing Company.