Enigmas of Endearing Spirits by Caden Heath

AE/MS teacher Jen Bent sent in this poem about love and hope written by eighth grader Caden Heath.

Enigmas of Endearing Spirits
Caden Heath

Over thou grave was dug.
Buried to neck in deceit and dirt.
And at last thy tomb was shut.
A rope was thrown into the chasm.

Broken man of dark and fear.
Inside a lonely shell.
Filled with desolate desire.
The world had come down on his shoulders.

Gone gilded feelings of love.
Cut by emotion in ephemeral envelopes.
Celestial knives removed comfort.
Once ever present security is now gone.

At last the silent spell of the serpent,
Broken by her iridescent smile.
Gliding in angelic veil,
She brightens the empty abyss.

Earth shattered to life.
As engines once idle moves again.
Ancient feelings of exuberance and hope,
Restart the whispers in my soul.

She cuts against the thrashing violence.
In calming peace I place my love,
In a dauntless dance of intrepid desires.