Check Your April NHEC Bill for Capital Credit Allocation

As a member, you’re also a part-owner of your electric cooperative. Instead of generating profits for investors, New Hampshire Electric Cooperative (NHEC) is nonprofit, which means that when our finances allow, we return any excess revenue after expenses back to our members.

Your ownership, or “equity,” in NHEC is represented by capital credits. Capital credits are allocated annually to each member based on their individual usage. You can see your capital credit allocation for 2021 on your April 2022 bill.

NHEC keeps track of each member’s allocation every year, and when the Co-op’s finances allow it, portions of those capital credits will be “retired” (returned to members) as a direct payment or bill credit. NHEC retired capital credits for the first time last year and returned more than $4 million in equity to members!

Each year, the NHEC Board of Directors will review the Coop’s finances and vote to continue returning capital credits if it can be done without causing financial harm to the business. Check our website for updates on capital credit payments in 2022 and learn more about capital credits at