Second Graders Present Earth Change Research to Younger Students

By Gretchen Hildebrande
On Cinco de Mayo (no connection intended), AE/MS second graders presented their research on Earth Changes to the first and third graders.  Everyone met in the library, and the whole space was abuzz with tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, land and marine sinkholes, waterspouts, landslides, avalanches, land and underwater volcanoes, floods, glaciers, erosion, the ring of fire, hurricanes, and sand and dust storms! It was fun to see the students listen, ask questions, and learn from each other – a bit of normalcy after the trials of COVID, thankfully!  In this photo, AE/MS second grader Caspian Wright explains about the Pacific Ring of Fire to Mariah Hewitt. Caption and photo: Gretchen Hildebrand