“Travel Night” Offers Views of the American Northwest

Monday, June 13, 7 PM, at the Hub

By Larry Chase
Lorraine Keating and husband Jay Fitzpatrick stand in front of a vista of Mount St. Helens. (Photo by an unidentified fellow traveler using Jay’s camera). The wife-and-husband team will be the focus of a “Travel Night” at the Andover Community Hub, where they will share photographs and stories about their travels out west.

Want to take a virtual 450-mile cruise along the historic Columbia and Snake Rivers from Astoria, Oregon, to Clarkston, Washington, with photographs and live commentary by two Andover residents?

Multnomah Falls drops more than 600 feet and is located east of Troutdale, Oregon, in the Columbia River Gorge. Photo: Jay Fitzpatrick

And also learn of a recent elk-hunting experience in the Rocky Mountains of Montana by a semi-retired Andover nurse?

Then join the wife-and-husband team of Lorraine Keating and Jay Fitzpatrick at the Andover Community Hub at 7 PM on Monday, June 13, as they present their photographs and describe their 2021 travel experiences before a live audience. The “Travel Night” event is open to the public and free of charge. Refreshments will be served.

The Hub is located at 157 Main Street in Andover Village. Parking is available at the Hub, and also across the street in the Andover Post Office parking area.

The September 2021 river cruise was an eight-day event on the American Cruise Line’s American Song ship and included evening presentations by a historian and passage through Hell’s Canyon on the Snake River. 

The elk hunt occurred last October, with Lorraine riding horseback up into the Rocky Mountains to a hunting camp and spending five days with a group of other cowboys looking for signs of elk. Unfortunately, they didn’t see any elk, but “had a wonderful experience in a most scenic area in Montana,” according to Keating, who has been a hunter since the mid-1990s. Jay, meanwhile, remained in Andover.

Both events were extensively photographed by Lorraine and Jay. A veteran photographer and teacher of photography, Jay assembled the visual presentations for the event.