Andover Select Board Meeting Minutes – April 18, 2022

Condensed from approved minutes

Members Present:  Michelle Dudek, Chair; Todd Goings; Jim Delaney
Also present for duration of appropriate items:  Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Jon Champagne; Donna Duclos; Art Urie; and Lisa Meier, Secretary

Road Agent’s Report
A quote was received from Tifco, and the Board will review it at a later date. 

Champagne provided photos of a dry cistern on Pinewood Lane in which yard waste is being dumped.  Champagne spoke with the property owner to no avail.  Roy will send a letter to the property owner.

A list of pricing for paving roads was received.

Work orders were received for Belmore, Nikon Crack Filling, Hauling Gravel, Keystone for Keniston Bridge and tree and crane work.

An estimate was received from Ossipee Mountain Electronics for radios.  The quote is $4,821.35.

Champagne contacted Jim Hanson regarding the cost of a stick-built building versus a metal building for the Highway Department.  Documents were received as to why a steel building is the way of the future, along with information from the internet.

A photo of a Beaver Deceiver was received from a town resident showing someone having left their tool in it from cleaning it.  There is a vortex under the bridge on Valley Road which is eroding the bank and bridge support.  Dudek stated that if it becomes an emergency, it will be removed.

There is an issue with the concrete slab bridge on Bridge Road.

The crew will revisit the culvert in Fenvale.

An oil change is scheduled on the John Deere and the grader.  Champagne will provide a copy of the maintenance plan.

Sweeping is being done.  The list of culverts to be replaced has been done.  The roads are unposted.

Moving ahead: a price point lease for a 12” chipper rental. Goings indicated it has to come out of the “Project” line item.  Champagne will get estimates for screening.

Delaney asked what the plan is for water at Lake View Cemetery, and the response is there is no plan.

Dudek called for a Highway Department work session to be held on April 25 at 6:30 PM.

Town Properties

Urie distributed a list of Town-owned properties along with his proposal regarding Lake Farm Realty selling the properties.  Roy will be the contact / point person and will provide information to the Board members when there is an offer.  

Goings asked if there is a list of selling values, and the response was a signed listing agreement needs to be in place, which will include selling prices.  Urie indicated that there is one property with a house on it and wanted to know if the Board wanted it included at this time, and the Board advised not to list it immediately. 

Delaney made a motion authorizing Roy to sign on behalf of the Board for the listing agreements.  Goings seconded the motion and the Board voted unanimously in favor.  

Urie requested that the full Board sign the Purchase and Sales Agreements.  Delaney made a motion authorizing Roy to sign the Seller Disclosures on behalf of the Board.  Dudek seconded the motion, and the Board voted unanimously in favor. 

Urie will prepare a letter to the abutting property owners once the properties are in the MLS System.

Old Business

Two Barn Preservation Easements applications were received and will be continued to the May 3 meeting.

Dudek requested Roy to contact Primex to determine whether or not a property owner can clean out the Beaver Deceivers and advised that until a response is received, the property owner is not to clean it out.

There is a town interested in sharing a Public Works Director / Road Agent per MRI / LPC.

Town Administrators Report

Tax Relief Forms become available on May 1 for low to moderate income families.

Instructions are coming in regarding ARPA Funds. An idea of what the Board wants to spend is needed.  In August 2021 we received $124,214.28, and the same amount is coming in this August.

Correspondence and Signatures

An email was received from Nancy Teach regarding the reorganization of the Planning Board. The official inspection of the Lawrence Street bridge was received and signed by Dudek. Two Veterans Credits were signed by all Board members.

A denial of an Elderly Exemption was signed by all Board members.  The denial was due to the applicant not meeting the income requirement. A State form for timber forest cut was received and signed by all Board members. Two solar exemptions were signed by all Board members.

A service agreement between Franklin and Andover for ambulance service was received.