Andover Select Board Meeting Minutes – May 2, 2022

Condensed from approved minutes

Members Present:  Michelle Dudek, Chair; Todd Goings; Jim Delaney
Also present for duration of appropriate items:  Marj Roy, Town Administrator; Donna Duclos; Art Urie; Anne Hewitt; Lee Wells; Janet Moore; Gail Parenteau; Mary Lou McCrave; Bill Hoffman; Louise Andrus; Ted Andrus; Bill Keyser; and Lisa Meier, Secretary

Garden Club

McCrave indicated that she put together a Garden Club which is a program of the Hub and currently has approximately 50 members.  Their goal is civic beautification including items to enhance the community.  

One of the items is the landscape around Town Hall and the school as well as the perennial border between the Town Hall and the main road. The remainder of the gardens are maintained by the Service Club. 

The Garden Club would like to do away with the border garden and create new gardens, retaining walls, and they are also looking to work on the amphitheater.  Hoffman, who is a landscape architect, would like to be involved with the Club.  

Dudek requested a walk around the building to better understand what the Club would like to accomplish and to discuss with the Board how the grounds will be used as well as the parking. Moore agreed with taking a walk around the property. 

Dudek asked the Board if they would like the Club to do the work, and Goings stated he would; however, he would like to see a plan. 

McCrave asked what the plans are for the Town Hall building.  Dudek replied that there is no conceptual at this time and it may take a couple of years. McCrave indicated that the Club will go along with the Board’s time frame. The Board recessed at 6:10 for a walk around the property.  The Board came back at 6:20 and resumed their meeting.

Ted and Louise Andrus

Andrus indicated that they own two parcels on Fellows Road off Flaghole Road and had previously requested that the tax map be corrected as Avitar still indicates it being owned by another person.  The Andruses would like the map to be corrected.  Roy stated that the correct owner is on the plan with Avitar; however, the maps are only updated every two years.

Fire Warden Appointment

Roy indicated that Steve Barton has recommended Jake Otis to take over as Fire Warden.  Delaney made a motion to accept Jake Otis as Fire Warden.  Goings seconded the motion and the Board voted unanimously in favor of accepting Jake Otis as Fire Warden.

Cemetery Committee

Keyser indicated he accepts responsibility for the ad in The Andover Beacon and The Kearsarge Shopper pertaining to hiring someone to manage the cemeteries.  To date, there have been no replies to the advertisement to get the cemeteries cleaned up, and Keyser is concerned about getting them cleaned up in time, as there are only 28 days until Memorial Day.  

Delaney recommends hiring someone in the interim until bids come in and proposed Jim Reed.  Keyser replied that Reed’s quote was $40 per hour.  Goings replied that Reed does not have his own equipment, and that is why his quote is so high. 

Roy stated that per the insurance company, only Town employees can operate the Town vehicles and equipment. Goings stated he is not comfortable making a decision at this meeting.  

Keyser stated that a quote was received from Ethan Barton for $50 per hour for two cemeteries.  Goings replied that Barton has his own equipment. 

Dudek asked what the typical cost from now through Memorial Day is and stated she would like all cemeteries cleaned. Delaney made a motion to hire Jim Reed for short-term at $40 per hour for 80 hours.  Goings seconded the motion and the Board voted unanimously in favor of hiring Jim Reed for the short term at $40 per hour for 80 hours.  

Keyser indicated he will review the prior ad to update to reflect mowing and trimming and fall clean-up and submit for bids.  Keyser will post the ad in the Post Offices and the ad will go onto the Town website and Roy will send it to The Kearsarge Shopper.  The deadline for the bids will be May 23 at 10 AM, at which point received bids will be opened.   

Keyser recommended the Board change the Procurement Policy to department approved from $500 to $1,000, and Town Administrator approval from $1,000 to $2,500.  Dudek replied the Board will take this under advisement.

Town-Owned Property

Urie indicated he has listed seven properties and has three Purchase and Sales Agreements.  Urie also indicated there is a discrepancy on Bradley Point Lane and has pulled that listing for the time being. The Board signed Purchase and Sales Agreements for the property on West Shore Road; the 4.90-acre lot on Franklin Highway, which is contingent on a perc test and a driveway permit; and another property on Franklin Highway.  Urie indicated this property has no recorded conservation easement and no contingencies other than driveway and septic.  

Wells indicated that this is not a buildable lot, and a letter from Bill Bardsley was distributed advising this property is a gift to the Town.  Dudek asked Urie if there was anything further the Board needs to do, and the response other than getting it recorded at Merrimack County Registry of Deeds after the sale, there is nothing else.  

Urie stated that he received calls from property owners on both sides of the Bradley Point property, one indicating she owns a portion of this property. Urie indicated the property has value, and he suspects it is actually larger than they believe it is and recommends a survey being done.  

Delaney made a motion to have a survey done.  Goings seconded the motion, and the Board voted unanimously in favor of having a survey done. Roy will get quotes for surveys.

White Oak Building

Dudek asked what the options are between a metal building and a stick-built building.  Scegell explained some of the differences between the two types of buildings.  

Goings stated that a metal building would be a year out and a stick-built would be immediate. Scegell advised the Board needs to determine which type they would like and to decide on a design build; however, he is unsure if the Board could find a company to commit to a start date. 

Delaney stated that there would be a good compromise going with a stick-built with steel skin.  Goings stated they are better off going with a metal building. Roy asked if a metal building would be better from a fire standpoint, and the response was yes. Dudek stated it sounds like wood frame is the better way to go. Scegell indicated that if the Board wants this done quickly, a stick-built is the way to go.  

Goings asked what happens when a new Board takes over.  Delaney replied that if there is a full plan in place, it remains. Roy stated the plan will not lapse until the garage is completed or until 2025, whichever comes first per the Warrant Article. The Board agreed to not go design-build.  Scegell stated he will get a proposal for the Board.


The Town of Andover, New Hampshire Board of Selectmen Operational Guidelines and Handbook was distributed and the Board will review it at a future meeting.

Road Agent’s Report

Michelle Dudek delivered the report.

The department is short-handed; however, they have been grading and sweeping. Goings indicated he had asked for the gate at the Transfer Station to be repaired.

Champagne recommended to Dudek about getting a jump on crack sealing.  Delaney made a motion to accept the quote from Nikon for $4,350 per day for a total of $8,700.  Goings seconded the motion and the Board voted unanimously in favor of accepting the quote from Nikon for $4,350 per day for a total of $8,700.

Change in Meeting Night

Discussion took place regarding meeting nights, and the Board agreed to try Wednesday evenings for the summer.  Meeting nights will be Wednesday June 1, June 15, July 6, July 20, August 3, and August 17.

Town Administrator’s Report

Rick Evans from DRA came in on April 15 to help Cristy with processing Timber Cuts. Select Board minutes have been added to the Town website. The Trustees of Trust Funds met, and the newest member – Kent Hackmann – was sworn in by the Town Clerk.

Roy indicated that she received correspondence asking if Andover would like to become a Purple Heart Community.  In order to become one, there must still be a living Purple Heart veteran in town.  

Roy would like to have new Welcome to Andover signs incorporating Purple Heart Community Town at each end of town. Goings stated he would get back to the Board with the name of the person that Proctor uses for their signs.

Correspondence and Signatures

The Board signed an excavation permit so the Town can reconnect the sidewalk after the state relocates it during their paving project. The Board signed a reimbursement from the Capital Reserve Fund. The Board signed a $2,800 invoice from the Department of Corrections for delineator posts.

The Board signed a $1,246 fuel bill from the Department of Transportation. The Board signed a $4,200 invoice for the annual support maintenance and upgrades for software from Municipal Resources. Dudek and Delaney signed the $3,000 invoice for dump body screens that Goings previously signed.

The Board signed a $25,564 payroll manifest. Two Yield Tax Warrants were signed. An Intent-to-Cut for a resident on Bridge Road was signed. A check manifest for $66,776.28 was signed for accounts payable.  A check manifest for $1,500 for the cemetery was signed.

Pole licenses from PSNH for Peg Shop Lane and Dyer’s Crossing were signed by the Board. The Board signed the second step notification to taxpayers that have applied for credits and exemptions.

Roy advised about the SB400 relative to training for the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Adjustment regarding workplace housing, adoption of school district budgets caps.  NHMA is opposed to the bill.

Additional Items

Delaney stated that Tom Voss contacted him advising that there is an easement on the Bradley Lake property, and Delaney replied to him that the property has been taken off the for-sale list, and the Board is looking into having it surveyed.

Delaney stated that R&D Paving left a berm on Lockwood Road, and it no longer drains correctly, and this needs to be addressed. Delaney asked if new prices for radios have been received yet, and the response was no.

Discussion took place regarding disposal of fire extinguishers at the transfer station.  Goings stated they need to be disposed of by a hazardous waste company or another specialty company.  

A brochure was received with the quotes for aluminum, which is currently $90 per pound. Goings asked if the other container was gone, and Roy stated she will make sure to tell the workers to have it removed.