“Yea” Vote on HB 1477 Belies Stance on “Pro-Limited Government” 

By Marie D. Nardino

In the Opinion entitled “Louise Andrus’ View from Concord, April 2022,” Louise Andrus, House Representative for the current Merrimack District 1, stated: “I am a freedom lovin’ and liberty lovin’ individual.”  She then went on to set forth all the principles for which she stands, including that she is “pro-life” and  “pro-limited government.”

I am a resident of Andover, within Rep. Andrus’ district.  I am not “pro-limited government” and I am pro-choice.  I wonder, though, how a person could self-identify as pro-limited government and Vote in Favor of HB 1477 which prohibits abortions after detection of a fetal heartbeat, with only an exception for the life and health of the mother.  HB 1477 also permits the New Hampshire Board of Medicine to discipline medical personnel for any violations.  Fortunately, HB 1477 was defeated in the House (this time around).

It is likely that Roe v. Wade will be overturned by the United States Supreme Court, allowing individual state governments to deny women the right to make medical decisions affecting their lives, their health, their bodies, their families.  It is time for the women of New Hampshire, and their allies, to recognize a possible future governed by a bunch of “freedom lovin’ and liberty lovin’” legislators who fail to acknowledge the hypocrisy of claiming to favor limited government, while enacting laws that actually restrict the freedom and liberty of New Hampshire citizens.

Marie D. Nardino