Ignoring Past or Current Events Doesn’t Make them Disappear

By Bill Radzelovage

Louise Andrus, in her April column in the Beacon, states that “Parents are against some of the content that may be taught in our public schools,” and goes on to report approvingly of a book being removed from AE/MS.  Her referenced parents must subscribe to the theory that if it’s ignored, it will disappear.  If we “Don’t Sat Gay” in Florida and don’t read “Honor Girl” in Andover, no child will be gay.  If we ban “Maus,” the Holocaust will not have happened.  If we ignore the 1619 Project, slavery in the United States will have been someone’s exaggerated telling of history.

Well, Ms. Andrus should understand that not all parents are in her group.  There are very many parents (the majority, in my opinion) who wish that their children learn of the world as it was and is, to better navigate adulthood.  When someone approves of banning books, that someone is not, by definition, “freedom lovin’ and liberty lovin’.”

Bill Radzelovage