AE/MS Students and Staff Show Off Student-Designed Earth Day Shirt

By Courtney Minnehan

Students and staff outside of AE/MS wearing this year’s Earth Day t-shirt designed by students Ada Grotnes and Emma McNutt. Caption: Courtney Minnehan. Photo: Kim Drouin
Jayden Celata and Chloelynn Blinn created nature art on the Rail Trail with their third grade classmates as an Earth Day project. This integrated art project was a cross between Mike Jensen’s science class and Courtney Minnehan’s art class. They looked at artist Andy Goldsworthy and got inspired by the nature around them to create similar designs. Caption and photo: Courtney Minnehan
Photo 3 Caption: Autumn-Lynn Meier and Charlotte Valerio excitedly read their new books that they got from the book fair this spring. Caption and photo: Courtney Minnehan
Photo 4 Caption: Sahara Peterson and Victoria Koron are creating paper bowls out of recycled newspaper in Courtney Minnehan’s art class for Earth Day. The project was focused around using old newspapers and scrap pieces of construction paper that would have otherwise been thrown out. Caption and photo: Courtney Minnehan