Andover School Board Minutes – May 4, 2022

Condensed from approved minutes

In Person Board Present: Aimee Menard, Dan Newton, Steve Chella, Kayla Chandler

Administration Present: Mark MacLean, Randy Wormald, Dennis Dobe, Kathleen Boucher, Hilary Denoncourt, Beth Page, Dennis Audet
Public Present: Donna Duclos, Ken Hartman

Finance Report: Overages are generally due to special education contracted services. On April 1st, the School District changed financial services software, which is causing the report to look differently.

Chairperson’s Report: Menard entertained a motion for the Board to empower the Superintendent to hire without Board review at this time, to solidify successful candidates without waiting for a Board meeting. Newton motioned to allow the Superintendent to hire staff without ASB ratification, Chella seconded. All were in favor, motion passed.

Principal’s Report: Students and staff are back from spring break. The school is currently engaged in state testing (NH SAS). Mr. Dobe spoke of the interactive art show on April 21, which was quite a success. 

AE/MS will be participating in more community emergency operations plans in the next few weeks to make sure staff and students are prepared for any event. End of year dates have been established for class field trips, move-up days, and field days. Staff Appreciation week is underway. 

The AE/MS PTO is being rebooted and will be meeting next Tuesday for a meet-and-greet. 

Audet spoke of improving the softball field in cooperation with the local softball league; new sand has been added, as well as new bases. 

The AE/MS sign is underway and should be finished soon to be installed on Main Street. Audet is researching quotes for door locks.

New Business: Andover’s Federal Grant General Assurances were reviewed. This paperwork demonstrates that ASD will follow federal rules and regulations in order to receive federal grant funding. Newton motioned to approve the Federal Grant General Assurances, Chella seconded. All were in favor, motion passed.

Superintendent’s Report: It is Teacher Appreciation Week, and the SAU has brought gifts for AE/MS teachers. MacLean also expressed a hearty thank-you to the SAU’s business office, for putting in so much work and effort into changing over finance software. The new board member training is scheduled for tomorrow evening, which Chella and Chandler will participate in.

Assistant Superintendent’s Report: Wormald, MacLean, and Pam Hill will be doing a presentation on the Mentor program down in Boston. The mentor program includes a three-day orientation in August, monthly meetings with other first-year teachers and
their mentor coordinator, and on-site support from their mentor coordinator. MacLean noted that this is a value added to the relationship with MVSD, but is outside of the tuition agreement, as was the response last month from MV to provide ASD with water when the Town had a water issue.
Action from Non-Public Session: Stephen Chella made a motion to accept the slate of administrative salaries. Seconded by Dan Newton. Motion carried.

Menard opened the floor to a motion for the ASD to pursue a successor Tuition Agreement with the MVSD. Newton made the motion, Chella seconded. Motion carried.