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By Beacon Board of Directors
The Beacon’s most important job will always be to connect you, and each of our readers, to everything that’s great about living in Andover. But we simply can’t do our job if you don’t support your nonprofit community newspaper with monthly or annual donations. To donate to the Beacon, see page 4, or scan one of the QR codes below, or visit Thank you!

“What does the Beacon do for me?” We’re glad you asked that question!

The Beacon’s most important role in our community will always be to connect you, and each of our readers, to everything that’s great about living in Andover.

It’s easy to donate to the Beacon online with a single annual donation or with automatic monthly donations. Scan one of these QR codes or visit

Month after month, we connect you to the organizations that work so hard to make Andover a great place to live. We announce the many area events that can enlighten you, entertain you, and keep you engaged with your community.

We open a window on Andover’s fascinating history and on the many interesting people, past and present, you’ll benefit from knowing more about. We keep you informed about and connected to the activities of the many Town boards and committees working hard to keep Andover a safe, convenient, functioning rural community.

And we provide a forum for your civil, reasoned opinions – and those of your friends and neighbors – about matters of specifically local import. In sum, our goal is to connect you to our wonderful community in every dimension possible!

Doing all that costs money, of course – in round numbers, about $90,000 a year all told, a number far greater than we can ever hope to earn from our generous advertisers or page sponsors. As a New Hampshire nonprofit and a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, we must ultimately rely on donations from the community to keep the monthly issues coming.

That’s where you come in! With your support, we can keep connecting you, your friends, and your neighbors to all that’s great about Andover. Please donate as generously as your situation allows, either with a single annual donation or by setting up automatic monthly donations online at Thank you!